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with Celebrity Mermaid Entertainer and PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer, Elle Jimenez (Mermaid Elle®)

Become a Professional Mermaid


Mermaid Entertainment Specialty Course

This online course is a deep-dive into the world of mermaid entertainment for aspiring or current professional mermaid performers offering valuable industry insights, tools and resources to become a successful professional mermaid entertainer.

*payment plans available


PADI Mermaid Instructor Course

Become a PADI Mermaid Instructor! These are in-person courses for qualified individuals who are looking to teach the PADI Mermaid Program at a dive center or on their own.

*payment plans available for instructor candidates


1:1 Coaching Sessions with Experts

Coaching sessions online will be available for 1:1 Consultations on all things mermaid business-related, from Business Marketing Consulting, to Social Media Influencer coaching with experts in the industry and one-on-one coaching sessions with Elle Jimenez/ Mermaid Elle®

Become a Professional Mermaid Performer

Mermaid Entertainment Specialty Course by Mermaid Elle

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The Mermaid Entertainment Specialty Online Course is a deep dive into the world of mermaid entertainment with award-winning celebrity mermaid entertainer, Elle Jimenez (Mermaid Elle®) for aspiring mermaid performers. 

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Become a PADI Mermaid Instructor

​The PADI Mermaid Instructor course is for qualified individuals who are looking to teach the PADI Mermaid Program at a dive center or on their own. This program will prepare you to become a PADI Pro, with PADI Standard guidelines, course curriculum, marketing, gear and many other tools to ensure success teaching the PADI Mermaid courses.


As a PADI Mermaid Instructor you not only make your own mermaid dreams come true but you also help make others mermaid dreams come true as well! Being able to teach the PADI Mermaid Program can change lives and add a bit more fun and magic to your community.

Our PADI Mermaid Instructor course can take a candidate from zero to hero in just a few days with world renowned professional mermaid and PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer No. 520890, Elle Jimenez, and also offers opportunities for professional photography with Darren Joshua Photography to set you up in marketing your new courses and mermaid gear wholesale by CapeCali. The entire mermaid package to set you up for success!


How It Works:

Step 1: Do you qualify?

You must have the following PADI Mermaid Instructor Candidate Pre-requisites:

-18 years old

-Certified PADI Advanced Mermaid or proof of mermaid diving experience with 15 mermaid diving sessions including 3 or more open water mermaid sessions (To add it to your course session, see below)

-EFR/Emergency First Response or qualifying certification within the last 24 months (To add it to your course session, see below)

-Current medical form or statement signed by a physician within the previous 12 months


Step 2: Take the Course

Training Requirements: 

-Complete PADI Mermaid Instructor Course with a PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer (Elle)

-Pass the Mermaid Instructor Exam with a score of at least 75 percent.

Course Price:

PADI Mermaid Instructor Course $1500 (4 Days)

*must meet all requirements and prerequisites above

Classroom and confined water 

Need any add-ons?

Need the PADI Advanced Mermaid Certification pre-requisite and/or EFR pre-requisite? You can add it to your course!

PADI Mermaid + Advanced Mermaid Certifications add-on: $600 ($50 off, Adds 1 Day)

Emergency First Response Certification add-on: $200 ($50 off) 

Add-on Content Creation Package for Instructors - $500

This additional package provides land and underwater photos captured during your session to use for promoting your new courses. Photography by Darren Joshua Photo

Step 3: Your Application is Processed

Once you take the PADI Mermaid Instructor course and your PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer (Elle) passes you, your application is submitted to PADI for processing. Your certification may take 1-2 weeks to process. There is a $45 application fee, PADI Membership is separate. 

*Payment Plans Available

The De-Tails

• Instructor candidates must bring their own approved gear. Rentals available.

• Participants are responsible for their own transportation, travel accommodations, food and lodging. 

• Courses are taught in English. 

• Must bring your own low-volume mask, J snorkel and freediving bifins for all courses. See recommendations here

• All activities are subject to weather permitting, rescheduling is required if cancelled by instructor due to weather or water conditions.

• Must qualify to take the PADI Mermaid Instructor course and demonstrate regular swimming proficiently. 

• No refunds for any reason unless cancelled by instructor. 

• Please no soliciting, advertising or selling during sessions.

• As a PADI Torchbearer for all certified divers, you are encouraged to clean up any found trash and protect our waterways. 

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• More dates coming soon!

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Our Team


Elle Jimenez

Celebrity Mermaid Entertainer
rmaid Instructor Trainer 


Darren Joshua Leonardi

 PADI Mermaid Instructor 
Published Underwater Photographer
Cape Cali Wholesale Manager

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